Joy Jacobs is an inner life coach, a teacher, and a trainer who works with individuals, couples, and groups helping them to find creative ways of facing the challenges of everyday life, and using those challenges to encourage personal growth. Joy uses the AUM Approach which provides a clear yet flexible structure.

Attend: Awareness is a choice. Increasing awareness builds a foundation for greater clarity, flexibility, and responsiveness to “what is.” Developing a compassionate inner witness helps to sort and make decisions about the information and experience that come from within and without.

Unfold: A wide range of creative and individualized approaches, such as dream work, dialogue, meditation, and reflection, bring forth the hidden power, meaning, and potential in what appear to be personal problems, physical symptoms, relationship issues, group processes, and other life challenges.

Move On: Specific understandings and strategies are devised and implemented to address daily life circumstances, in keeping with the individual's personal commitments, highest goals and aspirations.

This work is challenging, engaging, and creative.
It is designed for personal growth, not as therapy.
The work may be done in person or on the phone.