You will relish the nourishing recipes in Joy's book as you cook your way out of everyday pickles.

  • We can experience “pickles” in our relationships, at work, things changing at home, or any other events that cause stress in our lives.
  • In a Pickle? combines tasty food recipes with food for thought recipes. The inner food for thought recipes help us cook everyday challenges into nourishing experiences.
  • These light-hearted inner recipes contain simple wisdom. When they are cooked with time, attention and an open attitude, they can effectively change your life.
  • Order your In a Pickle? book today and change your pickles from difficult situations to healthy opportunities.

“Joy Jacob's book In a Pickle? is an inspiring, fun and very practical presentation of outer and inner recipes to nourish the soul, comfort the heart and satisfy the palate. Enjoy!”

—Jerry Thomas, D. Sc., Philosopher/Teacher

“As someone who has read many self-help, inspirational, spiritual books over the years, I found all of the wisdom from all of those books in yours.”

—Jane Wisan, Mother & Community Volunteer Fundraiser

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