Joy JacobsJoy combines an engaging, informal style with a depth of professional integrity and insight. Her process is based on psychological common sense and practices, spiritual perspectives and traditions.

“Joy is not only gifted in mirroring one’s own deepest truths, and in providing an anchor to the Center, but she is also generous in sharing from her own depths. Those depths can be profound, but are always grounded in practical, common-sense wisdom.” –SC

“Joy helps me see immediate issues from a much larger perspective and gives me new ways to think about and resolve these issues.” –PG

“Joy has intuitive insight, a keen perception, caring attention, and a wealth of practical understanding of the way people change.” –DH

“Joy has helped me find in myself the courage to try out my opinions and ideas in front of others and be confident that I can handle what comes back to me.” –JR

Joy’s clients are people who want to find solutions to life’s usual problems or challenges from a deeper sense of knowing themselves. They want to learn more creative, flexible and empowered ways to live everyday life. Although this work can be experienced as therapeutic, it is designed for personal growth, not for therapy.

Joy Jacobs, M.A.

  • has a broad range of study and experience in Eastern and Western philosophy and spiritual traditions, Jungian psychology, and Process Work that can be applied in everyday life, business, and education.
  • is an accomplished educator with over 20 years of experience with individual clients, couples and groups, process work training groups, and creating and delivering a variety of programs.
  • is a Diplomate in Process Work, as originated by Arnold and Amy Mindell.