Tired of other people and your inner critic telling you who you are and how to be?

Want to discover the answers from the inside out?

Accept and appreciate
what you cannot change.

Learn effective methods
to change what you can.

Develop the wisdom
to know the difference.


Simple yet powerful wisdom in Joy's book In a Pickle?

Fun, lively groups based on the book In a Pickle? encourage you to discover and incorporate these life-giving perspectives and practices into your day.

Individual work with a facilitator who starts from the premise that there is something right about who you are, and helps you discover this for yourself.

 Pickle Book


 Individual Sessions

Discover through practical wisdom and time-honored perspectives how to unfold your unique nature and potential.

Joy JacobsJoy's work is simple and centered on you as a unique individual. Her process is based on psychological common sense and practices, spiritual perspectives and traditions.

 About Joy Jacobs